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Friday, March 13, 2009

Needing Busy Minds

I knew my mom needed to be busy on this winter day. We were all waiting for the results of my Uncle Jim's biopsies. Mom and I love to look for antiques at thrift stores. I knew we could fill the day and our minds this way, so we headed out to the junk stores.

We found:

An antique quilt. (Can you imagine the patience it took to piece this baby!) Can't wait to display it.

A McCoy pottery planter in my favorite shade of robin's egg blue.

An old, primitive oil painting.

I spent less than $30 and got the above plus a pair of jeans, two pairs of crop pants, two pairs of shorts for D, a Simpson's book for Young One, and a Columbia shirt for me.

We had lunch and enjoyed a girl's day out. It's so fun when your mom is also your friend!

Jim's biopsy came back cancerous, not a surprise, but the good news is that it's localized and hasn't seemed to spread. We're continuing to pray for him. He's a tough cookie.


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