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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Sesame Street

Sesame Street turns 40 today. I turn 40 next March. We both grew up together.

My son gasped when I told him that Elmo didn't exist when I watched Sesame Street as a kid.

I remember the First Gordon. Well, it was in reruns because I think I was two when he left, but I still remember! I remember when the set was nothing but one little section of the Street. I remember the first versions of the Muppets. I remember when everyone thought that Big Bird's friend Snuffleupagus was his imaginary friend and how frustrated he'd get when they wouldn't believe him.

Anyone else remember Mr. Hooper?

So Happy Birthday Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Bob, Grover, Oscar, Gordan, Susan, Count, Elmo, Prairie Dawn, Snuffie, and everyone else that I can't remember.

Our Sesame Street years went by so quickly here, but I still love it. If I had the time, I'd probably tune in daily. I once had a goal to work on Sesame Street. The peaceful, loving people that populated it's cast and crew still amaze me.

I'm so sorry for the video, but I heard it on the radio this am and had to share it. It got me giggling. There have been many parodies of Sesame Street. I remember when a group decided to boycott Sesame Street because of it's gay characters--Bert and Ernie. Um. OK. They're Muppets and roommates, not a groundbreaking TV story line. And even if they were, who cares...

Through it all, this show has introduced children to education, to peaceful living, and how to love and care for one another. It has carried on, it's timeless, and I hope it lives forever.

Happy Birthday.


  1. I think everyone in our generation grew up on Sesame Street! Mainly because there were only 10 t.v. stations!

    And I remember the first Gordon too. I turn 42 next March - when's yours? Mine is the 19th.

    March and September are busy months in my family - 5 birthdays in March and 4 in September! :D

    Do you mind if I put you on my blog roll? I always like to ask first :D

  2. first let me say, GIRL I'm impressed! I love a little dirty you tube video every now and again :)

    I LOVE Sesame Street, my kids LOVED it! I remember it more from watching with my kids, but it still is as awesome as ever.


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