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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Good Reminder, A Good Balance

Taken by Young One on our vacation up the Gunflint Trail

I watch the clock. I'm Type A and somewhat proud of it. Ask me to get it done and it will and then some. I'm an overachiever, perfectionist, can't relax if the house is a mess kind of person. I can't sit down if there's laundry to do or beds to be made. I rarely just watch TV. I'll watch, but I'll be emailing, writing, folding laundry, sorting coupons.

D is the exact opposite. And it's good for me.

He reminds me that, for right now, good enough is perfection. And I need to hear that.

We were watching City Slickers on TV the other night. I was folding laundry. All three of us had our laptops up and running. Mine was closed so I could fold towels. Young One's blow out birthday bash trip to Dave and Busters had occurred that day. Five boys at an arcade had wiped all of us out. Young One had a sore throat.
I looked around and commented wryly about our "family togetherness". And D quietly reminded me that it was enough.

And he was right. We balance each other and I need that. It was fine just to be that night. Fine to be together and apart at the same time. It was enough.


  1. I love this post not just because my husband and I are also total opposites and I can completely relate. But also, sometimes when need their words like we need the air we breath. We need to be reminded that IT is enough and IT will be OK!!

    LOVE that picture!! Tell your handsome middle schooler (sorry mom, I went there :) he has a great eye and he made Ms. Heidi proud!!

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