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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

14 Phone Calls Later...

I woke up this morning, not feeling quite right. Seems the urinary tract infection that I was in denial about yesterday was raging this morning. My back was killing me. I knew I had to get to the doctor.

  • One phone call later, the appointment was made.

Home again, antibiotics in hand, I settled in on the couch to prepare for Confirmation lessons tonight. I'd taken this antibiotic one other time before, so I knew what to expect. I'll feel better as the day goes on. I've had these infections before. They suck, but I caught this one very early.

And then, itchy throat, ears, eyes, skin, difficulty breathing, heavy chest--I was having an allergic reaction.

  • One phone call to the doctor.

  • One phone call to the hubby.

  • One phone call to Young One's friend's mom to let her know their study date was off this afternoon because I wouldn't be able to pick them up.

  • One phone call to school to leave a message for Young One that I won't be picking him and his friend up from school.

  • One phone call to church to call in the subs.

  • Three phone calls to a friend to see if she could sub for Confirmation.

  • One phone call from said friend to clarify sub details.

  • Two phone calls from the doctor's office.

  • One phone call to sit on hold returning the doctor's call.

  • One phone call back to church to let them know a sub was arranged.

Benadryl, Aveeno, rest, new antibiotic. Repeat all until well again.

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