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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Five


Catching Genius by Kristy Kiernan
Sisters Estella and Connie grew apart early-Estella, a genius, began college at 12 and was the apple of their father's eye, while the younger Connie was blessed with good looks and a charming personality. Now in their 40s and after eight years of not speaking, the sisters are forced together to pack up their childhood home in Florida as their mother prepares to sell it.
This is one of those can't put down books. I love the way the author changes the perspective of the story so that you can see it through both sisters' eyes. Having a brother, who is just as brilliant as Estella, makes this story especially poignant for me.


Young one hinting at Christmas gifts. Truly touching and funny all rolled up in a brown-eyed package. Love it.

Grapefruit candle from White Barn Candles set atop a candle warmer. I get busy and can't trust myself to blow out a candle when I'm not around it. So, I bought this fantastic candle warmer at Michael's for four bucks. I also grabbed a candle warmer cover to pretty it up a bit. My house smells great and I don't need to worry about the flame!


Decadent Dark and Delicious Sippin' Cocoa

Eating healthily has got me sippin' a lot to feel full and satisfied. I make this homemade cocoa every year. Thankfully, it's relatively healthy, but most importantly, it satisfies my chocolate crazes (not cravings--it's well beyond that!). Recipe to follow.

My laptop scratch pad. I'm Christmas shopping online and I feel like I'm on that mouse all day!

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