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Friday, November 2, 2007

When Did We Forget to be Thankful?

Halloween merchandise now 75% off, well before Halloween. Gotta move it out, so we can move the Christmas stuff in. By November first, it's full blown Santaville in every retail establishment. And somehow, Thanksgiving gets lost in the rush.

Am I the only one tired of this?

I mean, have we become such a country of busy-ness that we can't savor each holiday as they come? Living in the moment has become living for the next thrill. And unfortunately, we're missing out on a lot.

Being thankful, celebrating Thanksgiving, has somehow become a casualty of our hurriedness. And I think it's happened before we could even raise a turkey drumstick in a resounding, defiant NO!

Is it that we aren't thankful anymore? Is this a trait no longer celebrated? Are families so busy, the holidays of Halloween and Christmas gotten so huge that they've overtaken the simple celebration of thanks? I hope not.

Speaking to a few kids at my son's class Halloween party, I was able to get a glimpse into what they see as the best holidays. Halloween and Christmas rank right up there. Thanksgiving, when mentioned, was met with a few simple comments. One girl's words are etched in my head, "Oh yeah, that holiday. We have to drive a hundred miles to eat turkey with my grandma. But, the shopping on Friday is fun." How sad. Whatever happened to Over the River and Through the Woods...

Remembering to be grateful is hard sometimes. I understand that. But, my biggest concern is that we're not living in the moment and that we're focusing as a society on the holidays that mean getting lots of stuff for ourselves and missing out on what's truely important. Sure, traveling some distance to celebrate with family for some might mean some strained relationships and swallowing an overcooked bird. But, it's more than that. Tradition, thankfulness, and togetherness cannot be overlooked. And they can't be bought or discounted.

So, in my family, at least. We'll be gathered around a big table with our loved ones. And before, during, and after the meal, we'll be giving thanks.

The before starts right now!

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  1. Oh my! What a great point! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as I am truly a very thankful person... but you do have such a good point. The part where the child says they have to drive 100 miles to eat turkey... she doesn't even understand the significance of being able to do so! I love this, it gave me a moment to pause and remember what the holiday is all about. Kelly Parks


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