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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Singlehandedly Solved the Health Care Crisis During the SuperBowl

It's not a financial issue, it's a moral one, right? So, tax the Superbowl ads. You want a 30 second spot, well, you already pay a ton, so let's take a piece of each one.

Think about it:

2.5 mil per each 30 second spot times how many spots???? The ads will still cost you the same, they can't afford to try to charge you more, we just want a piece.

You could still have your little game. We really only watch the ads anyway. I mean come on, how can we sit and watch Bud Light spend that kind of money portraying hen picked men and not get a little pissed off and think of other ways such unbelievable amounts of money should be spent?

You can thank me when your MRI is free and you don't lose your house if you get leukemia. You can thank me when you don't have to have a spaghetti dinner to pay for your daughter's transplant.

This message brought to you by Olsons for You Deserve Healthcare Just as Much as I Do.

Honestly, I have to do something when the commercials aren't on.

What I've learned so far:
  • Go Daddy dot Com can run an ad, but an ad for a Gay man's dating service can't? Um, hello? I think Hooters has more class than this company.
  • Doritos are overpriced. They have to be, there's been an ad every commercial break.
  • There will be lots of kids in Haiti wearing t-shirts that say Colts SuperBowl Champs 2010
  • The Who still ROCKS

I'm very happy for the Saints, really I am. They deserve a little happiness there.

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  1. Great idea! And the commercials weren't that great this year anyway!


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