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Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Wild Kingdom

We love where we live. Living in the North 'burbs of Saint Paul/Minneapolis sometimes gets us a lot of teasing. For some reason, our urban dwelling friends just think it isn't cool enough in the 'burbs, but we love it here. I actually had someone say to me, "Oh, you live in the 'burbs, how could you possibly know about trendy design." Um, okay. It takes us about 20 minutes to get to either downtown, we have a huge yard compared to the city lots we've lived on, and best of all, we are surrounded by lots and lots of Ramsey County Open Space. These areas will never be built upon, so we get to drive by and also hike through beautiful natural spaces. This was part of the reason we moved where we did.

Both D and I grew up in the country. So, to be away from nature would be very hard for us. When we vacation or get spare moments, we like to hit the woods. We're proud to say that Young One prefers experiences in nature over just about anything else he'd be offered, including Disney World!

Yesterday, we were reminded many times why we love it here. As I was waking up over a steaming cup of hot coffee and Young One over some pancakes, we spotted an albino squirrel hopping along our fence. Yes, we probably could have seen this in the city too, but it was very cool nonetheless. On the way to the bus stop, a beautiful Robin's nest was discovered in one of our trees. As we waited for the bus, we watched a Bald Eagle circle in the sky. After school, an Indigo Bunting came to one of our bird feeders, and later, a beautiful hummingbird was hovering over our rhododendron bushes. Later in the evening, as we were talking to friends in the front yard, a pair of Osprey caught our attention with their screeching. As the sun set, we watched several herons glide by.

Maybe the 'burbs aren't cool, but we don't care. I've lived in the city and I've lived here. I'll take here any day!

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