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Thursday, July 2, 2009

An Icon

There have been many versions of this sign over the years. An older version is in the Science Museum of Minnesota, which we visited this week. Young One did a double take as we walked past the museum piece. Then went back and said, "Hey, I've been there!" And he just happened to be wearing the t-shirt we purchased that said, "I walked across the Mississippi" with a picture of the sign above.

We waited a short time to get a picture taken with the sign. As we waited, we listened to all sorts of accents: Minnesotan, German, Japanese, and Harley Riding Biker Dudes. The last we're having a blast and it was smile inducing indeed to watch them frolic like kids as they crossed the Mighty Miss.

I've been without my camera this week, but we've been busy. Our kitchen floor is being tiled so the house is a complete mess. D fell into a patch of Poison Ivy at Itasca on his bike trip and got Cellulitis from it, so he was really sick (very scary) and ended up on a handful of meds. He was much better in 12 hours. We haven't been staying at home because we're without a kitchen, so we've been at a local campground. Other than a late night skunk visit to our campsite (without sharing it's scent, thank the Lord), the camping was fun. Got to have my mom and brother over for some campfire time and a great grilled dinner--nothing special, just hot dogs. Isn't it great how delicious things are when consumed around a campfire?

We're back home now, tile is almost done, but we're trapped on the second floor of the house. Should make for an interesting day. Young One is busy with computer games and I'm planning to do a little cleaning and sorting and maybe some more writing if I get time.

Looking forward to a relaxing Fourth.

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  1. OOOOOO I can't wait to see the new floors!!

    It sounds like you all have had some craziness come to visit and I don't mean the family :)

    I'm glad your hubby is feeling better, sounds serious.

    I hope your 4th of July is just as sparkley and explosive as you!!


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