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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Favorite Day
In My Backyard--Up the Gunflint Trail

Junco Lake and Stream

No makeup or hair allowed on camping vacations.

Just a glimpse of a rainbow. I think we were at the end.

The Gunflint Trail. The only hint I'm going to give you about the location of our secret campsite!

Junco Lake. A short schlep from the country road to our campground.

Morning bliss. This was my view over my Kona coffee. ahhhhhh

My boys.

Our favorite time of day. Sitting by the campfire.

One of our neighbors.

Another neighbor. The Minnesota State Bird, the Loon. He (she?) visited most nights.

There's nothing better. A good view, a good book, and a comfy seat.

Paintbrush flowers.

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