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Friday, June 26, 2009

My Favorite Day
In My Backyard--Itasca State Park Day 2

A little trail walkin'.

Some acrobatics.

Fishing for lunkers (or lunch?).

The biggest White Pine in Minnesota. Or at least the biggest one that you can walk up to and take pictures of without having to canoe one hundred miles through the Boundary Waters.

Itasca State Park's Wilderness Drive. 17 miles of pure beauty.
We took the Drive around Lake Itasca to explore the park. What fun. There were many places to stop and explore the trails. We saw a 9,000 year old Bison Kill site, the biggest Red and White Pines in the state, and lots of pristine lakes.
Living in the Twin Cities, I often forget the beauty of Up North Minnesota. This is why we live here.

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