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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let's Get Stoned

The Stone Arch Bridge. A Minneapolis icon. I love this pedestrian only bridge. It crosses the Mighty Mississippi and provides great 360 degree views.
(I also love annoying the runners that use this as part of their metro route. There are separate lanes marked out on the bridge for walkers, runners, and bikes, but I must stand where the best picture can be taken. No one will ever interrupt my art.)
Both sides have competing flour mills. The white stuff was milled using the power of the Saint Anthony Falls.

You can learn more about the flour industry at the Mill City Museum. We're saving that trip for a rainy summer day!
Saint Anthony Falls. It always amazes me how the spray flies! And how many people are fishing not too far from this turbulent water. Supposedly fish aren't safe to eat from the Mississippi. Sadly, it's polluted before it even leaves my home state.

"Oh, that's great," I thought, "He's taking an educational interest in the old buildings and the skyline.

Not so fast, Mom.

"I'm looking at the people perched out on the overhang of the Guthrie theater. A guy just picked his nose and a woman's dress blew up."

(You gotta love it!)

The Guthrie's an awesome theater. I'm a musical girl myself, so I don't often go there, since they primarily feature theater. Their relatively new digs feature some pretty awesome architecture.

A close up of the bridge in an attempt to be arty. Minneapolis brings that out in me. I'd share some pretty horrible attempts at catching the sun's rays through the skyline, but I'll spare myself the embarrassment.

A fun day, especially since all the walking made for one pleasantly tired kid!

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  1. I love them all! I'm excited to be riding shot gun on these trips. Thanks!!

    But I have to ask, the skirt that blew up, were their undergarments there??

    I'm just saying :)


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