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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Somewhere over the Suburbs

And the sick kid becomes well, just in time to run outside to see a rainbow so big we couldn't fit the whole thing in one shot! It was a double before I got the camera!

What a wonderful miracle.

I've been so cooped up in the house, this rainbow and the fresh air after rain make me feel like I can breath again. I love my kid. I love my job, but sick duty gets old--for both mom and kid!

It feels like a fresh start. Tomorrow, back to school for Young One and I get to do coffee with the girls!

The rain is over.

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    I'm glad he is feeling better. Jakob also has strep, it has been a rough 24 hours. His highest fever EVER for the last 10 hours, bodily fluids being let loose in places they shouldn't be and of course hubby's out of town!!

    The next time I hear someone say how WOMAN are the weakier sex,I can promise you I will bruise his jewels and teach him otherwise :)

    I like Amstel Light in a bottle please!!


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