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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Sad Day

Today was a sad day for Young One. He lost both a teacher and a classmate.

His librarian had been fighting a battle against Leukemia for about a year. She died on Sunday.

His classmate was a handicapped child who suddenly developed pneumonia and died early this morning of complications from pneumonia.

Our hearts are sad and we're trying to understand all of this. We're also remembering all of the lessons that we've learned from Nathan and Kay's lives. They were each wonderful in very different ways!

Somewhere in Heaven, we hope that Nathan is running and leaping and enjoying no more limitations. And that Kay is right along side him. We hope that they're reading together and have been welcomed by all the loved ones who left before them.

So much for such young kids to be hit with and to understand, it's hard as a parent to help navigate some of this. There have been lots of questions and some that I can only answer with that painful honesty that is necessary, but oh so hard to deliver.

My heart breaks every time I think of Nathan's parents and his family. To lose a child, well, there are no words.

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  1. that is so very sad and so much for your boy to have to understand also. I'm praying for you girl and those 2 families.


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