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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Simple Moments

Every once in a while a little bird will perch on my windowsill and peer into my house. Eye to eye, we share a simple moment. Now, perhaps, he is just looking at his own reflection, but I like to think we're connecting. Maybe he's trying to thank me for feeding him or maybe he's just wondering what in the heck that big, weird-looking bird without feathers is.

Simple moments like that sometimes creep into my day. Today, I was in a hurry all morning. There was laundry to do, the kitchen and bathrooms to clean, and some very dreaded vacuuming. Dreaded, because I had just done it yesterday, and young one had brought in some mud and tracked it from the backdoor all the way upstairs to his room. Isn't that how it is? You get something done, checked off that big list, and then whammy, you find you're doing it again. But, I digress.

This morning, my hubbie complained that he couldn't hear me on the phone. I was scurrying around trying to accomplish something, rather than just sitting and listening, as I guess I should have been doing. I was attempting to feed the dogs, not quite a quiet task. As the kibble dropping into the steel bowl, I couldn't really cammouflage the fact that I wasn't completely focused on, what for him, was a very important conversation. A missed, simple moment. (And yes, I am feeling thoroughly guilty about this!)

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day clutter. We all have huge to do lists and so much that is yet to be done. I think our country as a whole has gotten caught up in the hurry scurry of being BUSY and we're not focusing on what is really important in life, the simple moments.

So, try as I might to be able to reach dear hubbie, to try to apologize or at least rid myself of some of the guilt, along came my little bird. Bright yellow goldfinch, peeking in on me. I stopped my rushed cleaning, thinking, what the heck am I rushing for, and stopped to look into his beady brown eyes. Staying as still as possible, I noticed a rare sight at my bird feeder just beyond my little gold friend. A bluebird, bright feathered with his signature orange breast, sat at my feeder. If not for my little goldfinch friend, I would have missed a Bluebird. They don't often come to feeders (they don't eat seed) and I usually only just glimpse them as they pass through my area in the Spring and the Fall. As the bluebird sat and preened, I watched a bright red Cardinal, a Purple Housefinch, and a black and white checkered Downy Woodpecker join him. My heart rate slowed down and I felt just a bit of peace in my busy day. Just what I needed, a simple moment.

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