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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apples and Pumpkins

A trip to an orchard and a pumpkin patch is a must in the Fall.

The next day, I made All Day Apple Butter with part of the bushel of apples we bought. This recipe is VERY sweet, cut the sugar at least to half and taste and adjust to your preferences once the cooking process is well underway.

Since my dad had a 350 tree orchard, I know not to buy the first quality apples. I always get the ones that are a little battered. Still delicious, they're a little ugly, with leaf spots and maybe a bird peck or two. They taste the same and cost half the price!

I was able to score a bushel of Cortlands for next to nothing. They're a delicious eating apple with bright white flesh. The secret to really awesome apple recipes is to use a mix of many different types of apples, but since I got such a great deal on these, I couldn't pass them up.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Since I found Fuji apples, they are my go to for apple pie - they hold up well and always stay sweet!

  2. Hey - did you know that Back to the Fridge is my brother Charlie?!

  3. Charlie is your brother. No way.

    No wonder I like your blog! Great genes.


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