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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cabin Fever

Happy Fall!

Every year I repeat over and over again how much I love fall. I always say it's my favorite season. And it is, until the first snow. And winter is until the first hints of Spring come.

Our little family cabin in the woods is most enjoyed in the fall. I love the smell of the fall woods, especially the sugar maples. The crunch of the leaves as you walk is delightful. Geese are honking as they head South in perfect Vs.

The cabin is on a gravel country road. The walk in either direction is beautiful. We often see Bald Eagles hunting, perched in the woods watching over the open fields.

The quiet here is unlike any other. Cell phones don't work. There's no electricity. Battery powered, hand-held dohickeys get left in the car for the ride home. They aren't needed here when there are dead trees to knock down, sticks to bang stuff on, and the woods to hike in.

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  1. Simply BEATIFUL!! I'm saving up my coupon money, for 5 plane tickets!! See you in 2020 :)


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