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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Unspecific Flu Symptoms"

"If your child has unspecific flu symptoms, please report it to the health office."


What child doesn't?

Young One is home sick today. Supposedly if he has a cough, sore throat, or fever of 100 or above, we're supposed to report it to the health office. Oh, and if he has "unspecific flu symptoms".

What the hell are those?

Cough? Check

Sore throat? Check

Fever of 100? Nope, it's 99.9 So, technically, I don't have to report it, right?

Here's the deal. If they have those symptoms, they need a doctor's note to go back to school. If they have those symptoms, the doctor's office won't see them. They want you to just stay home. So, how do you get a doctor's note?

Talk to each other people.

He probably picked up whatever he has AT school. It's too late to try to contain whatever is going around. It's already there. The last time I talked to the school nurse, they were dropping like flies and her cots were full.

Video games, rest on the couch, juice, chicken soup, Popsicles, maybe a nap, read a little, cuddle with the dogs, Ibuprofen, warm blanket, cool wash cloth, hugs from mom, dumb movie, cartoons, and early to bed.

That's just what Dr. Mom ordered.

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