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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Doings

My Grandma speaks another language sometimes. No, it's not Swedish, I don't think she knows much of that to speak of, even though she is of that nationality. This is another language altogether. I think I'll call it Old Timers. She moves in and out of it in every conversation I've ever had. It's just one of the many reasons why I adore her.

Today she's at a "doings". That's a party, a gathering, or an event. It can be used in any number of ways. Could be a church event or a funeral. It could be a graduation or birthday party. This "doings" just happens to be a Fourth of July holiday picnic at a cousin's house.

Mom and I were talking last night about this Old Timer's language. It includes phrases such as, "We were going neighboring" and closing each phone conversation with, "Talk to ya." And it got us thinking about the slower pace of life that Grandma had when she was my age. Sunday afternoons might mean attending a "doings" or going "neighboring", which meant dropping in to visit your neighbors. It conjures up images of the men discussing farming and the women talking about the garden and speculating on local gossip while the children played. I would imagine there may be a simple meal or a bit of pie and coffee to converse over.

When someone is sick, Grandma always asks if they've been "doctoring." Or if someone is struggling with their health, they've been "doctoring" for a long time. She will say someone is "sicky" if they have a virus or ask if we've been "sicky" if the flu is going around. And if someone is not looking as good as they used to or getting around as well as they used to, they're "failing." One time, she said that someone seemed "kind of punk" when they weren't feeling quite themselves. I've heard this from a neighbor as well, so I guess this is common Old Timer talk.

I'm sure I'll think of more examples as time goes on and I'll try to write them down. I'd love to hear from others that know a bit of this Old Timer language. I think it's important that we keep it alive, remember it, and reminisce about our loved ones.

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