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Saturday, July 5, 2008

In the Garden of Eatin' or In the Garden of Weedin'

Those are my two pet names for my garden. Since, that's pretty much what I've been doing in it lately. Weedin' and Eatin'.

Since the Demon Bunny has been relocated and it seems none of his siblings, parents, or any other hungry relatives have taken up their munching in my little plot, I've been really enjoying it out there. But, I have to let you in on a little secret. I don't often share everything in that garden with my family. And I've found, that some of the best meals, can be had while leaning against the garden gate.

This year, in a fit of inspiration found from a library book on container plantings, I planted a hanging basket of June and Ever-bearing strawberry plants. It was a cold, damp Spring, so it took a while for these beauties to get going, but now, I get a handful of strawberries almost every time I head out to my little garden. With all good intentions of sharing them, they usually don't make it to the house. There's something about a sun warmed strawberry, just plucked from the plant. It's like sugar sweetened sunshine, I suppose. Well, anyway, I have shared a few, but for the most part, that container has been like a snack machine for me. Hey, I do all the planting and weeding. I guess it's a just reward!

We also have a few raspberry plants that are leftover from a time in my life that I thought I could control raspberry plants. Yes, I learned the hard way that those beasts just can't be contained in a small area of my garden, so I got rid of the bulk of them, but thanks to their prolific runners, we have a few that angle in over the back fence. They should be ready in a few weeks and I can't wait! Maybe, there will be enough to share!
I've included a shot of my little garden plot and some potato blossoms. They're quite pretty flowers, aren't they? I don't remember what type I planted. There weren't many seed potatoes left at the nursery when I picked them up, so I took what was left. It's probably about time to see if there are some new potatoes hiding under those beautiful blossoms!

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