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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We Caught the Bunny

Two nights ago, we caught the little demon bunny that had been terrorizing the garden. I was beginning to give up hope or maybe actually hoping that he had moved on to more fertile fields. He did knock back our Swiss Chard as his last supper, but I consider it my parting gift to the little fella.

In all it's cuteness and furry innocence, hopping about the live trap borrowed from a savvy neighbor, I debated momentarily about keeping him. But, then reason stepped in, along with the thought that I would be denying him his right to frolic in the county open space fields that we had chosen for his new location.

So, off he went, on to new bunny adventures. And I went out to weed the garden. My plan is to replace my now absent peas with some pepper plants purchased at 50% off at the garden center. And to hope that the broccoli, kohlrabi, and chard that demon bunny polished off will rebound before the first frost!

Happy Gardening!

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