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Friday, July 11, 2008

It's 90 Degrees Outside and I'm Turning On the Oven AGAIN

I've got a good excuse for turning on the oven. Yes, it's 90 degrees outside and humid as a laundromat. But, my grill is malfunctioning. So, the quick seared game hens that I had planned (butterfly them, season and grill) have now become Lemon Stuffed Game Hens with Northwoods Seasoning.

I must admit, I'm a little relieved not to have to stand over a 500 degree grill in this weather!

Lemon Stuffed Cornish Game Hens with Northwoods Seasoning

3 WW Points for half of a skinless hen or 6 points for a whole, skinless hen

2 large Cornish Hens--I prefer buying mine locally from Chase Brook Natural Find your own local source if you can!

1 lemon cut in quarters--squeeze over hens and then stuff into cavities

Northwoods seasoning from Penzeys Spices Just generously sprinkle over the hens

Pop into a 350 degree oven and roast for about an hour or until 180 degrees measured with insta-read thermometer in hen's thigh.

Okay, I just had to snap a picture of the before as it went into the oven. Wanted to see how my new counter tops and back splash look in the pictures! Like my new Redwing utensil crock? I got it at the factory a couple of weeks back.

The AFTER picture is so much more appetizing. This was delightful and left me with so many leftover points, we may just head out to the DQ before the storms strike.

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