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Friday, September 26, 2008

Busy BEE...................................................F or He really is McDreamy the Beefcake Doctor

I've mopped myself into the family room, having no place to go. I love it!

My To Do List is, not quite half done, but I needed to build in a break to this busy day. Weatherman Dave predicted an 85 degree day today. It's getting close to that and breezy. Just perfect for floor drying weather, so I don't have much time to sit.

Thanks to TiVo, I'm getting a glimpse at Grey's Anatomy during my break. So, the season premier starts with a Dream about McDreamy. Ugh. I'm somewhat disappointed. I could smell the "it's a dream" long before it was revealed. Yuck. The episode is getting better, but I just wanted to whine a bit about their delve into the obvious to launch it this season. We're not that dumb. It could have begun better.

I'm worried that this is the beginning of this show's demise. I've worked in a hospital and sometimes it's quite funny to me the conversations they have while working over an operating site. It's really not that dramatic. In fact, a lot of medical procedures are downright silent. Many of the births I assisted with were completely silent. The only thing I can say they do have right is the hanky panky in the sleep rooms. I remember one particularly letcherous OB doc who loved to make inappropriate comments about joining him. He also had a fear of lawsuits and was a horrible doctor because of it. Wouldn't transfuse a patient with a Hemoglobin of 3.2. I wish medical shows would give a greater cross section of doctors. Slip in an ugly one or one who is seriously incompetent. Show the doc that has major BO or the one who always has coffee on his tie. Please, share with the world the doc that cries at his deliveries and sings the babies happy birthday (yep, he's real). We nurses might tend to believe them a little more. And maybe the public would get a clue that they aren't God and that you have to be a consumer when it comes to your medical care. Just like crappy plumbers, there are crappy doctors.

Anyway, I knew it was going to be a busy day. Every boy that Young One invited to his party is able to come!! We're so very excited, but it means a lot of work, even though we are heading to a super fun kid nirvana for the actual party. I've been cleaning, because they're dropping off and picking up here (and there's always those few moms that end up hanging out after the party--or the nosey one that will end up in Young One's bedroom). I had to run and get the cake, finish cleaning, bag the favors, finish cleaning, and tonight we're having a family fest of picking up the yard, since it was left in shambles after taking the pool down for the season last weekend. Did I mention that I need to finish cleaning? I would be less anal about the cleaning and picking up, but a dozen boys in the house, means definite aftermath--even in the short time that they'll spend here. So, I'm trying to put away anything that can't be destroyed--especially the massive Lego sets that Young One loves. And hoping that the weather will be dry enough tomorrow that they can hang out in the yard.

(On a sideline, every patient on this episode is "crashing"--sheesh. Now, I'm kind of wishing for the floor to get dry.)

(Oh, they just redeemed themselves with a humorous "I'm having your baby" scene. That was nice.)

Busy days like this demand a simple supper. And for me, that usually means using my crock pot. Tonight's dinner is Busy Beef, cause I'm Busy and I have exhausted my creative juices when it comes to naming recipes. This recipe is so simple, it's almost not a recipe. I've made it with pork too and that's delightful. Serve on toasted buns with BBQ sauce and/or Cole Slaw, sweet potato fries are a great side if you've got the time, otherwise just grab some baby carrots and toss a salad. It makes a ton, so I always freeze the leftovers for even easier future meals. I bet we end up having it for dinner tomorrow night too!

Busy Beef

One Chuck Roast--oh about as big as you want (or a pork roast)

A can of your favorite beer--not dark beer, but I suppose it might be good too

As much minced garlic as you can stand--I just scooped a huge serving spoon of it and covered the top of the roast with it.

Now, if you're really organized and pulled together, the night before: put the roast in a zip bag and dump in the beer and garlic. Let sit in the refrigerator overnight. Or, if you're like me and were so tired last night that you just wanted to sit on your butt with your boys and watch Survivor, put it together in the morning.

Did I tell you about my tin foil trick, that I learned from some wise blogger (sorry, I can't remember who)? In the morning, place two large, flattened foil balls in the bottom of your crockpot. Place the roast on top of the foil. This will drain the fat to the bottom, while still allowing the roast to cook to fall apart goodness. If you weren't organized the night before, just dump the can of beer over the roast and then top it with garlic.

Cook all day on low. Remove from crockpot and let stand. While roast is standing, remove foil balls and discard. Skim fat from collected juices. Shred meat and drizzle with juice. Serve on toasted light buns with coleslaw and BBQ sauce.

I haven't figured the Points Value for this, sorry, too busy!

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  1. I also love this recipe, I have recently done it with a bottle of Guiness Extra Stout (my husband loves dark beer) and it came out WONDERFUL!!


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