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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Young One is always "STARVING!" He isn't just hungry, he's wasting away before my very eyes! I remember feeling like that as a kid, don't you? You're so active that you actually do forget to eat until you're beyond hungry. I remember being his age and being able to eat anything I wanted at any time. Oh, those were the days!

Sometimes I think we need to take a closer look at hunger. I mean, real stomach rumbling, so famished that a whole plate of brussel sprouts would be a welcome feast, hunger.

How often are you really that hungry? Okay, so maybe brussel sprouts aren't your cup of tea when you're truly hungry or not. Disregard the brussel sprouts. I want to know how often you let yourself get to the point where you're stomach is growling and you physically need food. Not want food, but physically need food.

When I look back over my past eating habits, it isn't that I ate huge portions, but that I ate a lot when I was not physically hungry. And when I think about this, I just want to kick myself. It makes me angry that I was so worried about everyone else that, meanwhile, I mindlessly ate myself to fatness.

Changing your mindset, seeing food for what it actually is (FUEL) is something that all successful losers mention. That's not to say you still don't treat yourself, but that you realize that calories in must balance with calories out. It's like fueling your car. You put in what you need to make the trip. So, what do you need to put in to cover your activity level? How active do you need to be to fuel your treats?

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