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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Peek Into the Scientific--Are you a Super Taster?

Very interesting (insert hand rubbing and mad scientist laugh here), I'm one of 1/4 of all humans. I'm a SuperTaster! Now, before I get all excited and buy some tights and a cape, let me give kudos to Elastic Waist for getting me clued in to this phenomena. Actually, I'm both a Super Taster and a Non Taster, which basically says I'm a middle of the road taster. Well, this is based on a simple quiz that you can find at Waist's blog or by clicking here.

I guess you can take a test to find out what you are, but I'm just not dying to have scientific proof of my taste status. This is really interesting. I would bet my iPod that my son is a Super Taster. I'm so proud! No, actually, he has very strong taste preferences and can't handle anything overly spicy. Biting into a raw onion will throw him over the edge. Perhaps it's just as I've thought in the past--that he just is young and still HAS all his taste buds.

Anyway, I wanted to share this study. Quite interesting. Thanks BBC!

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