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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Working Out While Sick?

I've had the most awful cold for about 4 days. It has literally flattened me. So, the question is, do you work out when you're sick?

I don't. And since, I'm sick, I'm just going to let you hear it from the professionals. As we enter cold and flu season once again, this little article from WebMD is a timely topic.

This year, if a cold or the flu tries to interrupt your quality time at the gym, keep this in mind: you are better off taking a break instead of breaking a sweat.

Forget about what you might have heard about trying to perspire your way back to better health. That's not the way your immune system fights off sickness, says Liz Applegate, PhD, a fitness and nutrition expert on the faculty of the Nutrition Department at the University of California, Davis.

Click here to finish the article.

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