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Monday, November 3, 2008

Still Undecided?

We're down to the wire, thank God. I'm so looking forward to Charmin and cat food commercials on Wednesday!

My hope is that tomorrow is a clear victory for Barack Obama. I don't think our country could handle another election like 2000 and I know we wouldn't survive another eight years of the same mismanagement. Our country has been so divided for eight years. I'd like to see us as the UNITED States again.

It's time for a dignified, intelligent, honest President. I have to say, I haven't been real proud to be part of this country. That statement seems to incite rage in a lot of people. Hear me out, though. The last eight years have been a complete mess. Our country is near bankruptcy. We're fighting an unjust war that is depleting our resources. Health care expenses are raging out of control and the innocent victims are the seriously ill and the poor. We're melting our polar ice caps (supposedly, they will be gone in five years) and we're doing nothing about it. We aren't linking our country with effective mass transit and alternate sources of fuel and cars that run on them. Our economy is struggling to say the least. The corruption of our system is becoming more and more obvious to other countries.

I used to be very proud of our country. Maybe pride isn't quite the right word. I still believe we've got a really great country, but I'm ashamed of a lot of what we've been doing. This war, it gets me crazy. Here we're fighting a war with no concrete objective and no true measure of success. Meanwhile, we sit idly by as a genocide is occurring in Darfur. I actually get physically sick when I think about how this is actually like forgetting the Holocaust.

If you can't vote on the issues, then imagine our country with President Palin at the helm. She's a brilliant teleprompter reader, but she can't lead. As mayor of Wasilla, she took the city budget from surplus to extreme deficit. She claims we're "fighting God's war" in Iraq--a dangerous and misleading comment, not to mention the whole separation of church and state issue. This fact alone makes her just as dangerous as the terrorists, who also believe they're fighting "God's war." Her expensive wardrobe is just one example of her poor judgement. Troopergate is another. It's proven that she revels in crony-ism. And she agrees with Cheney that the VP should have more power--a frightening opinion that is completely against our Constitution.

(Sarah got pranked this week and it's making the rounds. Quite honestly, I felt sorry for her. I'm not without compassion. She seemed to have a hard time understanding them and really thought she was speaking to the right person. That could happen to anyone and really isn't a fair measure of her abilities. See, I'm giving an inch, right?)

If you're still undecided, then take a moment to think about where we were eight years ago. Clinton left our country with a surplus, Bush is leaving it in economic ruins. By his own admission, in his own words, McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time. Can our country handle more of this?

Please, no matter what, get out an vote. It's not over until the fat lady sings and I won't be singing until quite late tomorrow night! No matter how long the lines, no matter how bad the weather is, if your feet hurt, your dog died, you forgot to drink enough coffee, your head hurts, your car won't start, you're waiting for the mail, you're waiting for a phone call, your clothes don't match, your afraid of election judges, you're claustrophobic in booths, your kid is sick, you're running late, you feel stupid with an "I voted" sticker on, your polling place is too cold, you're hungry, or you're tired, you still have to vote.

Our kids are depending on us. Vote Obama. (And in about 30 years, let's look for this little girl in the video on the ballot!)

Now, a promise to my Republican friends: I'm done trying to convince you. Just vote. I still love ya.

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  1. great post. you articulated well what is at stake with this election. with a win by obama, i hope we will soon start to see the change he's been talking about. and i pray that the country will heal and re-unite after this long emotional journey.


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