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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

I was up so late last night! Celebrating, crying, cheering, and loving every minute of it. Hope is back after eight, long years. Thank God. Maybe we can be a UNITED States again.

Tony Morrison was on Good Morning America this morning. Her quote sums it up:
"In this country, race is not the measure, it's larger than that. It's not just a African American who won the Presidency, it's this particular man. This here, African American. And I think that the larger number of people who were inspired by him, of all races, felt that, felt that particularity about him."

If you missed President-elect (I get such a thrill calling him that) Obama's acceptance speech, please watch and listen. If you didn't vote for him, please listen with an open heart and mind. Can you feel it?

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