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Sunday, October 5, 2008


Chocolate Fudge Cake

My mom and I are the best of friends. Most evenings, if she's online, we instant message each other. I sure wish we would have had this technology when I lived so far from home! Email, messaging, Internet phone, video conferencing--none of that was possible. We relied on long distance phone calls, mostly paid for by mom and dad--they'd initiate the calls. We certainly didn't have the budget to afford many calls! Our visits were as frequent as we could afford. I still remember feeling like my heart got pulled out every time we had to separate again.

(On a side note, we've been talking to Young One about pre-Internet life and what the early Internet was like. We've never seen such a look of horror on his face. Imagine, not getting the answer to something within minutes! GASP!!)

My mom made everything from scratch. Whether she worked, or was at home with us, she always made a homemade dinner. In the evenings, if a chocolate craving struck her, she's sometimes whip up a batch of fudge. I can still remember how that made our house smell. It was so delicious--even though she insisted on walnuts in her fudge (a flavoring that took me years to begin to love). Fudge is a definitely a rare treat, now. I had a few bites at a candy store when we headed to the North Shore this summer, but it wasn't as good as mom's.

Getting in your chocolate fix really isn't that hard on Weight Watchers. In fact, if you search just for chocolate on WW website you'll get hundreds of recipes.

This chocolate cake is one of my favorites. It's rich and moist, and can be made just in minutes. It's just as wonderful as any non-WW recipe. In fact, I'd make it if I was a Skinny Chick. Young One and his friends just love it. They have no idea they're getting a vegetable (sort of) in it!

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Serves 24 at 2 WW Points per serving. I think it's closer to 12 servings (4 Points a piece).

1 package dry mix chocolate cake
2 cup canned pumpkin, 1 can
1/2 CAN water

Preheat oven per mix directions. Mix all together with electric mixer set on low. Turn on high and let it beat for about 2 minutes, or until fluffy and well blended. Place in your favorite pan, I like to use a 9x13 inch or a Bundt pan (prepare pan as directed on mix package). Bake according to box directions.

Doesn't need frosting. You may serve with Cool Whip Free or sprinkle with powdered sugar and fresh raspberries.

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