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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Can't Imagine

Thank God for TiVo. I'd never see anything without it. I'm sitting here watching, well, sort of watching Oprah's Thursday show. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were on, hearing their voices is bizarre to me, but I don't want to talk about them.

What I'm struck with is the Internet millionaire who spent $240,000 on a car. I can't get past that. Even as I sit here, he's talking about his childhood pain of being teased for wearing a turban. I don't want to sound hard hearted, but after mentioning the $240, 000 car, I can't really feel sympathy. They're now chatting on what great revenge success is. Hmmm. None of this is sitting well with me.

I don't see success as the best revenge. What I see, with a car that expensive, is excess. I could not ever spend that amount of money on a car, knowing just how many people that could feed or clothe. I couldn't do it. I don't care how much money I had. I couldn't do it with good conscience.

Sarah Palin has had a very well discussed shopping spree. At what point, Sarah, did you think this was right? Our country is at it's lowest point, economically, in ages. We're all really struggling out here. How could you rationalize it away? When they scream, "Drill, Baby, Drill!" why don't you interrupt them and say that's derogatory towards women. When you had organizations rewrite invitations to you after their events, to include your children so that you could justify the travel expenditures now being scrutinized, at what point did you think that was okay?

I'm afraid that these people are the role models of our children. Do I think people with great wealth and possible power are all bad? Not at all. I just wonder what happens to them. What happens to switch your mind, from the poor little Indian boy living in a one bedroom apartment with your entire family to buying a car that expensive? How many rationalizations did you have to make when they handed you the keys?

Sarah, are you so blindsided by the possibility of power, that common sense went out the window? No one needs a $2700 blazer, come on. Your actions, or perhaps in this case, your inaction speaks so loudly for you. You should have said, thanks, but no thanks.

At what point will we finally begin to do the right thing in this country? This really scares me. This thought that wealth=happiness, stuff=bliss, I don't understand it. The pursuit of stuff and more stuff has practically bankrupted our country. The more things we amass, the further away from true charity and giving we get. It used to be that one's morals and values were so strongly held. Now, we forgive, overlook, rationalize, and make excuses for behavior that is just reprehensible.

I know there are the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations out there. I know that they exist. I just got stuck today. Stuck on a candidate's shopping trip. Stuck on a quarter of a million dollar car (which, at my house would probably still have matchbox cars and Pokemon cards all over in it). I'm just stuck.

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