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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Five


This is a really easy read, just a story that you'll quickly immerse yourself into and leave, feeling like you met a new friend. Nora has escaped a failed marriage only to find she's the sole inheritor of an unknown aunt's estate in Natchez, Mississippi. She journeys there to attempt to sort through her aunt's life and to find out just who this unknown woman was, meanwhile, she reminisces about her own life.

I just love Southern stories. This book gave just a glimpse into 1930s Mississippi. It left me wanting to know more. I've also enjoyed from the same author: Alice's Tulips and The Persian Pickle Club.

The story of a week in the life of a thirty-five year old school teacher in the small town of Staggerford, Minnesota. The New York Times said, "A writer good enough to restore your faith in fiction." That's what got me to read this book. It's an old book. It's been around a few decades, so your sure to find it on your library's shelves. This was a book filled with rich descriptions, hilarious scenarios, and an engrossing story. I don't want to give away too much, but if you want a great read, you must read this.


A whole heck of a lot of Beethoven. Young One has been enjoying his work in music class and I just coincidentally, popped in a CD to help spark some creativity while he was writing a spooky story. As the symphony came to a very recognizable place, Young One named it. I thought that was cool.


My Woodwick Candle. Picture a candle with a wood wick, that crackles like a fire. It's not that dramatic, in fact, you really have to be close to the candle to hear it, but it's fun and this candle has lasted a long time. I have the Winter Berries scent, which Young One picked out for me, but I'm not sure they make them anymore. If you need a quick gift, this is sure to please.


Banana Cream Pie Pudding. Well, a girl can dream. It's just instant vanilla pudding poured over banana slices in a graham cracker pie shell. I found the pie shell in the cupboard and decided we needed to use it. This fit right in with my menu plan this week. It's pretty good. And if you top it with Cool Whip Free, it's almost like the real thing.


Halloween decorations. I made the cute little pumpkin votive candle jars a couple of weeks back. It took just a few minutes and they look so cute on my porch. I'm not crafty, so I was pretty proud of these! I wish the picture above was of mine, but mine wouldn't cooperate with the camera.

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