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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Completely and Utterly Alone... And Enjoying the Company

I'm almost at the end of my long weekend alone.

I have to tell you. As a mom, I've never felt more rejuvenated in my life.

My thoughts have been my own and uninterrupted. I've just wandered and done only things that are enjoyable. No chores, no work, no nothing, unless I wanted to do it. I got to shop a little, went to the salon, chatted with friends, and went to Target without ever setting foot in the Lego aisle.

It has been bliss.

After speaking to a number of moms this weekend, I'm left wondering. Why don't we do this more often? I mean, you know you need a break when you jump into action at the high pitched whine of "Maaaaaahuuuuuummmmm" from some radom kid in the mall--that's about where I was before this weekend. When I almost introduced myself to a new parent at school as "Mom" I knew it was time. When I could remember all the rules to Life, the Simpsons version, but not my own Social Security Number, it was time.

I don't want to wait this long before getting another true break. There's something about getting to know yourself again that is so delightful. Please, get something on the calendar NOW. Set aside some time and don't make any concrete plans. Just let the time happen.

And as I say this, I realize, I need to make sure Hubby gets the same thing too. It's only fair.

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  1. Awww - that sounds lovely indeed. I got a Grand Day Out in September, when I headed to London for an all-day knitting convention thingie. But a weekend sounds even better, especially right now when my DH is gone for a month for work...


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