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Friday, August 8, 2008

The Five


The Memory of Running: A Novel by Ron McLarty

I'm currently riding high on several great books. I loved this book. It's central character, Smithy Ide is a very overweight, chain smoking, factory worker, who loses his parents in a terrible car crash. While reeling from this situation, he receives a letter that informs him of his mentally ill sisters death in California. So, he hops on his bike and starts to ride to California. And in the process, he loses more and gains more. A great book. I devoured this book while on vacation and am looking forward to reading more of McLarty's work.
This book hit very close to home for me and the author got it dead on. It's not easy to have a mentally ill member of the family. Harder yet is dealing with your own issues when theirs are almost always much bigger. Well done.

Song Yet Sung by James McBride

I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't know much about the history of slavery in our country. It's something that I've wanted to learn more about and this book did just that. No, it doesn't detail specifics, but reaches straight into the souls of those people involved in such a horrific business. The traders, chasers, owners, and the slaves themselves are profiled in this amazing novel. I felt like I was right inside the minds of the characters and this book truly opened my eyes to the run away slave's experience. I can't imagine what it would have been like to live this way, denied freedom and treated less humanely than most animals of the time. Please read this book and share it. It's story will haunt you.

On a side note, I found it very interesting how the author incorporated the Dreamer's visions of the future. Thought provoking to say the least. Well done James. Like all good books, I held this one to my chest, sighed, and wished that it didn't have to end.


The Essential Billy Joel (2CD) by Billy Joel

Oh Billy, I hereby apologize for belting out your tunes and not getting the lyrics right, but I can't help myself. You are timeless. And, I must say, that if I can't hear you in concert, I've just got to get my fix somehow. This CD does it nicely for me.


Canned spaghetti. Can't school start soon? This is one of Young One's favorite treats and although I know as a mom venturing on a new, healthy lifestyle I should not allow such disgusting food articles in the house, this is one of his quick fix lunches. I'm lowering my standards slightly so that he can make his own lunch. Sometimes, I think, we as moms have to do this in order to boost their self confidence and self sufficiency, right? (A total rationalization of unhealthy behavior, I know. Please forgive me.) We have a delightful high fiber pasta tossed with chunky marinara hidden in the fridge behind the coffee creamer and the Greek olives, but somehow this sickly sweet canned concoction is what he craves. Sigh.


Definitely not the canned spaghetti, not that I would want it, but those cans are single servings, Young One informed me. Actually, I'm munching on cherry tomatoes from the garden which are sweet and delightfully Point free.


My new birdhouse, thanks mom. Purchased at a craft fair while on vacation, I got to pick the color. It's bright yellow and looks so great stuck in a flower bed near our red chairs and fire pit. A Debbie Downer informed me that painted birdhouses are toxic to the baby birds, so until I investigate further, I'm blocking the hole with a little netting. It's too late in the season for baby birds anyway, right?

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  1. I can't believe I've never been to see Billy Joel live, even when both he and Elton John came around a few years ago. I love Billy Joel songs and I love how he tends to stick to his own material and not play as many cover songs. One of these days...


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