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Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation...the Aftermath

So, maybe taking a trip to a town that has a little shop called World's Best Donuts wasn't such a bright idea for someone on Weight Watchers! Maybe even less brilliant, was renting a condo with a view of said establishment. The beauty of Weight Watchers is that you can enjoy a donut or two provided you have the Points for it, right?

And I did, but I also enjoyed a little Kettle Corn, some frozen custard, a smidgen of fudge and a giant Gyro big enough to feed most of Athens. But, I still think I'm doing okay. I was active, we walked a lot and hiked a few miles that were somehow uphill both going in the trail and out (I kid). There was one part of the hike that involved over 200 steep steps that I thought I was doing fairly well on until a woman in her 80s passed me on the way. And she was running. And not out of breath. And carrying a 50 pound bag of cement (I kid, again).

I did not weigh in last Friday. I was nowhere near my official scale and didn't intend to completely mess with my head by weighing on a different scale. I don't intend to ever travel without enjoying the food that comes with the destination and I did that this trip, but not without trying to balance what I put in with what I burned up.

If you've been around WW long enough you've had "it's a lifestyle change" crammed down your throat. That phrase is really the only zero Points food, you know. I don't believe that you have to make food your enemy as some people seem to think. Suffering, deprivation, hunger, don't have to happen on this program. You just have to plan your day or your week and it all works out. It really is that simple.

This balance is something that's taken me a long time to figure out. I don't to look back on my life wishing I would have enjoyed a local treat, but I also don't want to weigh more than my car. So, looking at a trip as both food and experiences is a good fit for me. I love to travel and I don't intend to do anything but do more of it. So, figuring out how to do it and remain relatively on plan has been a great victory for me.

Now, this journey certainly isn't over for me. I'm a long way from my goal weight, but I'm feeling better and stronger every day about what I'm doing for my body. And that deserves a celebration. As well, celebrating the fact that I took another trip without reverting to old behaviors is something that I am extremely proud of.

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