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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I Still Believe

There's magic everywhere today. You can see it in the eyes of your children. You can see it in your family, your mom, your grandma, your siblings. We all have just a glimmer in our eyes today.

It's the magic of Santa.

I still believe in him and I'm not alone. Oh yes, I know, I've been told he's just a myth. I've been told, "there's no such thing." But, I still believe.

He's in the gift that you didn't quite expect. He's in the unexpected guest that you haven't seen in years. He's in the joy of the moment your children shake you awake. He's hidden in stockings and under trees. He's in the shared table and in the hands we hold while we pray. He's in the closeness of family, however small.

I've found him in church while the carols sing. I've seen him in the snowflakes as they drift down in a picture perfect white day. I've seen his work in between the lines of a Christmas letter from a friend. I've watched him dance in the eyes of my son.

We all carry a bit of Santa's magic and share it this time of year. I know, there's much much more to this day than just Santa and presents and magic, but I like to think Jesus wouldn't want his birthday celebration to be any other way.

May your day be Merry.


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  1. Did you read my post about what happened to Kakob on Tuesday??


    There is only MAGIC inside the MERRY!!


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