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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favorite Day--Yes Man

We went to see Jim Carrey in Yes Man last weekend. In the past, I never was a big fan of Mr. Carrey. There was something about him that gave me the willies. In fact, just thinking about him in that movie, The Mask, makes me slightly ill at ease.

My whole opinion of him changed, though, when I watched him with Jenny McCarthy and her autistic son Evan. He has parented that child, advocated for him. That and his comments about how he and Jenny are already married in their hearts won me over. “We love each other and we are married whether somebody said it or not. Whether we had some kind of ceremony or not, we believe that nothing outside of yourself can make your union sacred except you," Jim told Hollyscoop.com at the 'Yes Man' Los Angeles movie premiere. He added, "So that’s where we are, we love it and everybody keeps saying 'why not put the finishing touches on it' and my attitude is why ever put the finishing touches on it? Just keep it open, keep it going, court forever, that’s what were into.”

I'm still somewhat disturbed by the way this man moves his mouth at times. It does freak me out, still, just a little. But, that's neither here nor there.

The movie? Yes Man was just a fun story. Predictable, yes, but funny. Our family enjoyed it immensely. There's a little romance, quite a few belly laughs, and a butt scene that's worth the price of the ticket just to see your kid collapse in giggles.

Basically, the premise is that Jim's character, Carl is a no man. He says no to everything and is a pretty sad guy. He's lost his wife, works a boring job, and basically has no life. He runs into a friend he hasn't seen in a while who's in a frenzy of happiness. The secret to this friend's happiness? A self-help guru with the motto, "Yes is the new no." So, Carl goes to a seminar and he starts saying yes to everything. And, of course, his life changes for the better. There are some bump along the way, but all in all, it's a new, happy life for Carl.

We had a great time at this movie. No, it's not an Oscar contender. It won't be critically acclaimed, in fact, I think it's getting bad reviews. Which makes me want to bonk the critics on their foreheads and say, "lighten up!" It's a fun, family movie, that's lighthearted. Something that I think we need a lot more of in this day and age. I would say it's good for kids over 10. This film sparked a lot of conversations for us. Young One can tend to be a No Man, so this was a perfect movie to teach a bit.

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  1. That is next on our lists!

    We did "Bedtime Stories" on Christmas night and were talking about "Yes Man" for New Years Day, either that or a hike up Kennesaw mountain. Now that I'm thinking about it.....the movie would be good on Martin Luther King Day! There not going to give up a day of hiking.

    I hope you are doing well.
    Happy New Year's to you and your family!


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