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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Computer got the Flu

I got hit with a computer virus. Not just a simple one. Nope, I got hit with one that rewrote 2800 documents and took most of my pictures. Some of what I lost was backed up on our desktop, but not all. I have no idea even what I'm missing, although I do know that all of it is irreplaceable.

During the season of giving, I wonder what would provoke someone to develop such a thing. I mean, what do you get out of this, other than a bunch of really bad Karma shooting back at ya? Do you sit, in your parent's basement, cackling with glee as your middle aged paunch jiggles? You worked so hard on creating this. Think what your hard work and dedication could have done at a job (because I know you don't have one). Think of how much good would come your way if your creativity was focused on good deeds.

I'd like you to know, dear Virus Writer, I haven't cried over this. I refuse to give you the satisfaction. I know, you are a lonely, sad, miserable human being (most likely with a small weiner, bad skin, and a Star Trek collection). You'll never be anything.

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    More and more I'm starting to think we were separated at birth. Last year I got some freaky virus and lost ALL and I do mean ALL of my pictures from 2003. And I think I called the SCUM BALL the same things you just did :)


    I had a few pictures on disc and what I have on the blog and that's it. I never backed anything up. I know stupid me but I never realized.

    I sent the hard drive off in January of this year and they said for 2000 dollars they would take it into a "clean room" and try and see what they can salvage. I'm hoping in the next year or two the price will come down a bit and we will try then.

    It's worth it, I have Hannah's whole LIFE on there. She was born in 2002!!

    I wish you luck girl!!


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