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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our Fiscal Fast Day Five

I can't get past the thought that at the end of this Fiscal Fast we may just go nuts with spending. I keep thinking to myself that, "On Friday, I've really got to_____" Fill in the blank with order Christmas cards, order gifts online, go grocery shopping, stop in at Walgreens, maybe we'll go out to eat, I need to get some new pants, Young One needs another pair of gloves, come to mention it, so do I, I need to go to Target...

Will this spending freeze actually result in our spending more money at the end of it, kind of like celebrating your weight loss with a blow out at a buffet? (And no, I've never done this.)

I guess time will tell.

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  1. no, you will just have to play catch up from all of the little things you normally do in a week. Sorry I haven't been on here. We've had crazy stuff going on and now I have Alex's strep throat! FUN TIMES!!

    I'm proud of you for trying this, I'll read the older post tomorrow and find out what crazy pills, oh I mean, wonderful book you got this idea out of :):)


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