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Thursday, December 18, 2008

There's Nothing Better than a Homemade Gift--Sweet Orange Body Scrub

I've been making this body scrub for ages. It's so much more inexpensive than purchasing it and I think it works great. I scented this batch with sweet orange essential oil, but you can choose your favorite scent. This goes together quickly so quickly and you can package it as gardener's hand scrub or body scrub, depending on who you're giving it to.

Super Simple Body Scrub

2 cups Epsom salts or organic cane sugar

1 cup canola oil--or any other scentless oil, like sunflower oil

8 drops of your favorite essential oil-- or more, to desired scent

food coloring

Stir first three ingredients together until well combined, add food coloring in a color to compliment the scent you used. Since I used sweet orange essential oil, I used a peachy orange combination of food coloring to color it. Package in unbreakable containers--no glass in bathrooms!! Use anywhere you'd like super soft skin. Rinse off completely, being sure to rinse shower or bathtub well as oil can make surfaces slippery.

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