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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Great Snow Escape

Once a year we head out of the frozen North to somewhere sunny. It's an escape we look forward to and scrimp and save for all year.

Two years ago, we went to Orlando to escape the stress of our business and to make some very crucial decisions about it. It's hard to be anything, but a big smiling kid in that town! So, when planning our trip and looking at where we could get super cheap flights last fall, we ended up choosing Orlando again. We thought it would be nice to go back without the weight of the world on our shoulders!

We're looking forward to escaping the cold, escaping the stress of day to day life, and watching Young One grin. We take a very relaxed approach when it comes to exploring Disney World or any other theme park. We watch the harried families rush around and we just relax and enjoy whatever we're doing. We also like to escape from the theme parks and explore some of the other things that Florida has to offer. Last time we were there, the highlight of the trip, was watching manatees in their natural habitat.

I've scheduled some posts for when I'm gone.

We'll be home on the 24th!
(Below is one of my manatee friends. I named him Chuck. I would still be there watching if D and Young One hadn't pulled me away! Hope I get to see him again, or maybe his brother Larry and his sister Mabel.)

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