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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So, Oprah is Still Fat

Poor Oprah. Watching her yesterday explaining how she, as the most visible woman in the world, just wanted to be invisible. I've been there.

When we owned our business, I had to make a lot of appearances. TV, radio (which wasn't painful), newspaper, and public speaking. I liked the appearances, but I hated mine. Seeing yourself in full glory with the additional pounds the camera adds (rationalization yes, I know), is painful.

You see, when you're overweight, you go through life in denial of your true self. And then when you see it, wham, it hurts. The biggest misconception about heavy people is that it's something we have in our control and that we're lazy and just won't do something about it.

It's bigger than that. As Oprah is finding out, it is about love and loving yourself. It is about putting yourself back on your to do list.

I'm tired of hearing, "If I had Oprah's trainer, chef, wealth, (or fill in the blank with whatever you think she has that is the secret of her weight loss), I would be thin too." Apparently, she's just like everyone else and all her riches, her privilege has nothing to do with her weight loss or gain. She's just like the rest of us.

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