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Monday, January 5, 2009

Whining is Good for the Soul

"I don't want to go to school today."

"Um, kid, neither do I."

We were whiners this morning. That first day back to school after vacation is rough. Why is it you can continue to get up early throughout most of a vacation, but then the first day back, your alarm will jerk you awake? I swear, we could have slept until noon today.

Young One and I talked about how there isn't one kid that's just dying to go to school on this day. Sort of misery loves company. All uniting as one displeased crowd today. He found it astonishing when I told him that there isn't one adult that's just dying to get back into the routine today. (Like we're all just bounding out of bed saying, "Yes! I get to slog to work today." Or "Fantastic, the dirty bathrooms and mountain of laundry are calling my name!")

We were both better by the time we drove to school for early orchestra practice. Yes, of course, the first day back we have to get there EVEN earlier! (insert whining tone here) I truly believe that a little whining is good for you. Get it out there and over with. As long as you're not making a day long habit of it, whine away.

I was raised to hold it in, always paste a smile on your face, don't talk about it, and pretend everything is always OK. That can be so very damaging. I suppose that's why we talk and talk and talk in our family. I'm always pushing my guys to talk it out, talk to each other, let your feelings out. You feel better once you do.

Now, if I could just approve of procrastination and avoidance. Somehow, I just can't rationalize why I'm sitting here typing and not working out! All right, all right, I'm going!

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  1. Brian went back to work today :( And the kids and I go back tomorrow :(:(

    I know it will be the same thing in our house tomorrow morning. And I have the same thing, 2 of mine have to be at school 25 minutes early for practice!! Let the fun begin!!


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