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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling Waffley?

There are those days, more than I'd like to admit, that it takes every ounce of my being to work out. I've tried to run my work out schedule like a work week. I work out five days a week, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday, I try to get some extra activity in if I can, but more often than not, they're my look-forward-to-rest-time-that-motivates-me-to-stick-with-the-work-out-schedule-that-I-set-knowing-that-I-wouldn't-stick-with-it-if-I-had-to-do-it-seven-days-a-week.

Truth time. I haven't worked out since before our vacation. I'm not going to make excuses. No one cares. I don't really care. The point is, you just get back on the horse and ride, right?

I figured out that if I had to drive to the gym or if I didn't get my workout clothes on right when I was just getting out of bed, bleary eyed, and easily led, that I wouldn't do it. That's why I work out at home. My alarm goes off or the kid alarm sounds, as in Young One comes in announcing something like, "I spilled an entire box of oatmeal on the floor this morning, but don't worry, I cleaned it up and put it all back in the carton. And, oh, I forgot, today is the day I need red shoelaces and a box of spinach pasta for an art project at school." I grab my yoga pants and awesome REI athletic top that I got for four bucks ($4!!!!), put on my industrial strength exercise bra (thank you Oprah) and by the time I'm getting my socks on, I've done too much to undo. Once dressed, I might as well work out, right?

I'm sure once I get bored with all this and want to head to our community center, which has a fantastic pool and gym, I'll have cuter work out clothing and a better attitude. Maybe not, though. For now, it's Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds. I'll do anywhere from 3-5 miles, with resistance training after I get Young One on the bus. And I'm done. This works for me. The key is just to get moving, right? I don't have trouble with the moving, just getting to the point where I start moving. That's always been my challenge.

You feel so good after working out, you'd think that would be more of a motivator. But, I could think of any number of excuses why I shouldn't. They're pretty funny and at some point, I should write them down.

Merriam Webster (http://www.m-w.com/ remember real dictionaries?) defines to waffle as flip-flopping or vacillating. I have another definition. In my book, to waffle is to eat crisp breakfast confections, pulled from a piping iron, and drizzled with real maple syrup hopefully with French pressed coffee and a Sunday paper on the side.

I came up with this recipe, inspired by the gals over at Mennonite Girls Can Cook. I've gained 3 pounds just reading their recipes! Such talented cooks. I've been able to successfully convert many of their recipes to Weight Watchers without a problem. Their pictures, stories, and recipes have inspired me to create many of my own and for that, I am very grateful.

Here's my version of Waffled French Toast. I don't think we'll ever eat it any other way!

Waffled French Toast

Each 2 ounce slice, lightly dipped in egg custard, is approximately 4 Weight Watchers Points.

One loaf of Kings Hawaiian Bread
1 cup egg substitute or egg whites
1 cup skim milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp cinnamon
real maple syrup--no substitute

Preheat waffle iron. Slice Hawaiian bread into 2 ounce slices. Mix egg, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon in a shallow dish. Spray waffle iron with nonstick spray. Dip bread into custard, flipping quickly and allow bread to drip excess back into dish. Place on waffle iron, close, and allow to cook until steam stops and bread is cooked through and browned. Serve with fruit and drizzle one tablespoon of real maple syrup over it.

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  1. My name is Heidi Johnson and I am a FAILED power walker!!

    2 weeks girl, its been 2 weeks. And I have no excuse other than LAZINESS and that DAMN King Cake!

    Today is a new day RIGHT??

    I'll let you know how it ends!


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