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Monday, February 16, 2009

Let the Pentagon Have Bake Sales!

Remember that great bumper sticker, Let the Pentagon Have Bake Sales? I'm about ready to make my own. Let the Pentagon Cut Out Box Tops.

Let them save boxtops, bundle them, and send them in for a pittance.

You know those Box Tops for Education? The ones that are on food boxes and bags and schools collect them as fundraisers? I've spent every spare moment of the last week trimming and bundling them for our school. I've done this once before, but I had more help that time. This time around it's been me trimming, me alone, bundling. I don't want to see another box top, bread bag, or crescent roll tube wrapper.

This experience has taught me a lot. First, that patience is a virtue that I have very little of. Second, people are feeding their children a lot of expensive crap (we hardly ever have a box top to give to this program). Third, companies will really make you jump through hoops to earn money when in reality these programs are just marketing and marketing analysis for them and we're saving them a ton by doing it.

Isn't it a little sad that while we spend billions on war and the red tape of government and our schools and health care get pushed to the back burner?

Dear President Obama,

I know you're very busy. I'll keep my note short and to the point.

I have an economic stimulus package for you. Could you require that the Pentagon cut box tops and send them in? You could ask the bank CEOs and anyone else involved in the fall of our economy to join in too.

In exchange, I ask that you use their salaries and any bail out money to fund our schools and fix our health care plan.



  1. Yeah, the whole "jump through hoops and we'll donate some money" thing bugs me. It's like, if you're going to do it, just do it. But then that wouldn't be a huge marketing effort. Crazy world...

  2. don't even get me started on all that!


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