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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Leaving You for Another Man, Sorta

Just drop me off at the door. I'll be just fine. Go do your man stuff. I'm happy to wander his aisles in your absence.

I'm having an affair with Williams Sonoma.

My Dear Williams Sonoma,

My Darling. My Pet. I would be with you always, if only I weren't married.

Your kitchen gadgets, they tempt me. Your linens, they call to me. Your sauces, seasonings, and recipe collections make my mouth water. Would I like a sample? Of course. Would I like to watch a demonstration? Get to it. Would I like a cup of Fair Trade French Roast Espresso. Um, yes, please.

Copper pots and espresso machines that resemble little modern sculptures. I want them all. I wander your aisles and I'm instantly a capable chef.

I'm the Barefoot Contessa. I'm Bobby Flay. I'm not quite as annoying as Rachel Ray, but make food really simple and delicious just like her. I use a mandolin. I slice and dice with perfectly balanced chef knives. I can flip crepes in the air and flame my sautes.

You make me want a tureen. Your Italian tomato press tempts me. Yes, please I will take a Molcajete, cause I need to molca my jete.

Damn you for being so out of my reach. So distant. Your prices, they mock me. The cheapskate in me just can't do it.

And yet, I return, again, and again.

With much love,

The table runner pictured above is one of my love's linens. Of course I didn't pay full price. In fact I didn't pay 90% off. I got it for $1.40 at a thrift store. Score! They don't make it anymore, so I guess I can claim it's vintage.

My entire house has a little red in every room. It's my favorite color. This fits right in.
If you love thrifting or if you're very new to this full contact sport of shopping, then you must skitter on over to the Thrifty Chicks. They're trying to rouse the crowds and get a National Thrifting Month started. I think they're right, if we can have a National Noodle Month then we can certainly get this going. Be thrifty and nifty and wise, sign the petition. They explain it much better than I do and they're giving away some great stuff. What are you waiting for? Skeedaddle!

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  1. I also have a little red in each one of my rooms because (GO FIGURE) it is my FAVORITE color!! (we might need blood tests done:)

    I also love that man. And damn him for not being a cheap date!!


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