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Monday, February 9, 2009

Thunderstorms in February

I heard the slight rumble of thunder just a moment ago. It's February in Minnesota. Anyone still not believe in global warming? It's alive and well here in the North land.

We now have opossums in Minnesota. It used to be too cold here for them, but they're here and they're gross and I wish they would just go back home. A couple of weeks ago, my husband called frantically from our upstairs bedroom. He was either hurt or wanted a pat on the back for making the bed. I was not interested. I put on my patient mom face (you know the one), and I went to take a look.

What I found was my husband staring out our bedroom window into our neighbor's back yard. "Don't be the creepy Peeping Tom of the neighborhood," I said, hoping that I wasn't going to be privy to a neighbor bending over revealing something nobody ought to see.

Nope. D pointed out the window. The biggest, nastiest looking opossum was eating beneath their bird feeder. It was huge. It wasn't the typical opossum that we usually see, lying feet in the air by the side of the road. This one was all freakish with it's long claws and weird masked face. I was repulsed, yet had to watch it.

Our neighbor had written in her Christmas letter about how they had a funny squirrel and rabbit fighting under her bird feeder. I think I might have to talk to her.

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  1. Oh my word, they are NASTY!!
    And mean too!

    last summer we had two on our back fence, when I let my dogs out, one played dead and the other one went a little nutty!

    Once the nasty thing realized that my big dog was about to rip it apart it hopped off of my fence!

    I was FREAKING OUT!!


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